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Soheil Shahba, سهیل شهبا, initials: S.SH.
A Geek/Linux-Unix Guru/Hacker/WebMaster/Gamer/Programmer/Binge-watcher/Movie buff-Cinephile/SysAdmin/etc...

Here's my Geek Code:
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About Me

I'm Soheil. aka S0h3!L. 

About me (Summary) :

As it was mentioned above, I am a Geek. I'm actually a hard core geek! yes! a true geek! :D I am mainly a geek of computers. (As are most geeks, of course. but there are also many types of geeks) But as it shows in my Geek Code above; I am a Geek of All trades! yes, a geek in general... my personality, my life style, my beliefs, etc, are all very much geeky-like... I'm talking about my whole state of mind and soul, my personality, and my ethics/morals/principles/etc... So...yeah I guess I'm much like the guys in the CBS hit sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'... :D (If you've seen the show you'd understand what I mean! :p ) I really enjoy working with computers, solving complicated software problems of all kinds. I'm truly in love with the whole world of GNU/Linux and FOSS and all things related to them... I've had a good share of experiences in Computer Security/Networking/Hacking fields, which for anonymity purposes I am not gonna get into the details about this! I also consider myself to be a good and seasoned WebMaster. Since I don't want to lie about myself and be in denial (unlike some people!) I would have to say I am a Junior Programmer/Coder. Don't get me wrong, I am no n00b in this field but I'm not too much of a pro or a master-coder or anything either! It's because I never really got into the whole coding field as much as I did in other fields that I have entered over the past 10 years or more... But that is going to change soon because recently I've gotten into this field in a serious manner. So hopefully I'll be a Senior/Master Coder/Programmer in no time! :D Another old activity of mine is watching a lot of American/Hollywood TV Shows/Series and Movies. I'm not one to brag, but I'm pretty proud of my English language :) My English Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling and Writing, Speaking, Reading and understanding are all in a level most people who learn english as a second language are not in that level... Actually I don't think I'm any less fluent in english than the average American! I'm not talking about experts who know extra special/expert words (e.g. doctors) who even most english-language people don't know, no, as I mentioned; I'm talking about the 'average' americans or any other english-language people... That was the gist of it! obviously I'm not going to talk about my personal life here! :D  

You can read about any part of my expertise that you just read above in more details in the bottom part here... And also you can see the progress of my expertise with more details in the Skills section of this page. Obviously since this section got a little long you don't have to read all of it if you don't want to, so for this reason I'm making a title for each part about what that part is about, so you could read any part you are interested in...  


There are some fields of professions that I specialize at/or am something of an expert at, the first one and the one I am most pro at is using/working/managing GNU/Linux and/or *nix systems... It started when I realized what a stupid and weak and low-security and childish and just BAD (and etc...) Operating System MS Windows is! So I found out about the beautiful OS called Linux, or better should I say GNU/Linux... That was about more than 10 years ago, and today I'm still happily using Linux :) In these ~10 years I learned a lot about GNU/Linux, FOSS/Free Software, Open Source and all *nix systems in general. And I have also had/gained a lot of experiences in the Linux world. I'm happy to be able to call myself a Linux-pro/Linux-geek! :D :)   


I would have to say the next field is Hacking, oh and of course I'm a White-hat hacker. And although I haven't done many major hacking/and-or/webmastering related projects or anything for a while now because of some personal problems and such, but I kept/remember almost everything that I learned (I'm just not as active as I was before). And also at my core and deep in my mind and soul and my heart and basically my personality is of course still very much geeky/hackery-like! :D And just for more clarification, I'm more of a hacker in the way Mr. Eric Raymond describes in his kind of non-technical good-old famous amazing article of his... yes, an ethical/White-hat Hacker if you will... (BTW: Eric Raymond; Respect, sir! :D )  


I also have a lot of WebMastering experience. Like many webmasters, I started with a blog :) which was only meant to be personal... but then it became about a TV Series I am a fan of. Then after managing my blog and getting into the whole pro-web-activities I developed an interest in forum sites and became familiar with the powerful forum creator software/forum CMS called vBulletin. And this lead to more and more researching and reading and self-educating self-training/teaching about web and doing proffesional web activities and to put it in a few words; becoming a webmaster... I used to be active in two of the major persian vBulletin support forums, I was a moderator in one and the admin's assistant/super moderator in the other one which this one belongs to my best virtual friend (Internet friend. And not like those facebook friends either!! also FYI: I'm not a social guy! so no social media for me thank you!! :| :D) You can see some of my webmastering abilities/skills in the Skills section of this page... And so I kept learning and learning a lot of stuff about web and networking, I don't wanna brag of myself but now I'm considered to be a Senior Webmaster.  

English language & Binge-watching American TV and Movies:

But there is one activity/hobby of mine that I was doing it long before I got into the Linux world, and that is watching a lot of American/Hollywood Movies and TV Shows... Actually, my English became to where it is today mostly because of watching all these films! I was good at English since I was a little kid, I knew the alphabet before I even went to school! and one very important matter I should mention is that I never went to any English-classes or anything! I just learned the basics when I was a kid and started watching all the films when I got a bit more older and it helped me learn English to the point where I think like 95% of my thoughts in English instead of my birth language! to the point where I haven't watched a movie or TV show with a Persian subtitle for more than 5or6 years now! And FYI I may have lowered my activity in other fields but I watch several episodes of my favorite shows or new shows every day, and most days I watch at least one movie, and for more than 5 years I've been watching all these different kinds of films without any Persian subtitle at all because I understand like basically everything they say in all them films! Although reading all kinds of stuff in the internet and english books also helped me a lot at learning english, but mostly it was because of the films... So yeah, binge-watching TV programs and Movies has been a big part of my life since a long time ago until today, and I will never stop. So we've established that I'm also a film-geek! :D  

Video Games:

One more thing that has been an even older hobby of mine than binge-watching is Video Gaming. I was gaming since I was like 5! oh and just to be fare this also helped my english... And I'm still gaming to this day.  


I am talking about my Programming experiences as the last part of this 'About Me' because unfortunately I kind of have the least experience at it! I got into learning programming a lot of times since a long time before but I never really got too much of a pro at it, you know? I think it's because of my ADD (but ADD didn't stop me from learning all the other stuff, so who knows why it was this way!) The only language I learned like completely is HTML and that isn't really a programming language, it's a markup language as you migh already know. I learned some programming languages but didn't learn any of them fully or to the point where I could call myself a pro-programmer or anything... All the times I tried learning, I did it like I learned basically everything I've learned, by self-teaching/learning or self-educating myself, and it was the only thing I didn't have much luck at self-educating. So that's why I decided to go to programming classes/courses. I am currently a student in a python class and I'm trying to learn python as my first language that I learn fully, since after you learn a programming language it gets much easier to learn other languages, I'm going to learn more languages after I master python...  

Conclusion/Ending Part:

I also have my own personalized religious beliefs, which for a number of reasons I'm not gonna talk about it here!
Of course there are lots of other things which I can put in this 'About Me' section, but it already got too long and I'm not gonna tell you the story of my life as I'm sure you probably don't want to hear it either! :D :p So, S0h3!L is out, PEACE! :)  

My Skills  
LPIC-1 Linux Administrator Current progress: 100%
LPIC-2 Linux Engineer Current progress: 100%
LPIC-3 300,303,304: Overall/Total/Average Current progress: 70%
Linux Server Management & Configuration/SysAdmin/Linux&Networking Current progress: 80%
Command line (bash) Current progress: 90%
Problem solving Current progress: 90%
All Linux Desktop/GUI skills in general... Current progress: 95%
All/Other Linux related skills in general (My overall Linux abilities...) Current progress: 88%!
Mac OS X/Hackintosh (macx86) background/experiences Current progress: 80%
Experience with other Unix-based OSes Current progress: 65%
My Love for GNU/Linux & *nix/FOSS/Open Source/etc...! :D :P Current progress: 100%

Web Design Current progress: 65%
Hosting & Server Maintenance Current progress: 95%
CMS & WebApp Management Current progress: 95%
Marketing & SEO Current progress: 75%
Troubleshooting/Problem solving/Debugging/etc... Current progress: 85%
Overall Webmastering abilities... Current progress: 90%

Networking knowledge & skills Current progress: 60%
Virtualization Current progress: 70%
Social Engineering Current progress: 80%
Network PenTesting Current progress: 75%
Web application PenTesting Current progress: 60%
Cryptography & PW Cracking Current progress: 70%
Overall/General Hacking skills (exploitation/hijacking/sniffing/spoofing/phishing/etc...) Current progress: 65%

python Current progress: 25%
bash Scripting Current progress: 40%
Java/Android dev Current progress: 15%

Religious knowledge Current progress: 75%
Binge-watching American TV Shows&Series (serious & comedy) Current progress: 90%
Watching every genre of American/Hollywood Movies Current progress: 90%

My Websites
# Name Address(es) Site Description
1 My Personal Website www.soheyl.id.irwww.soheilshahba.ir You're already here! The website you are on righ now! :D It's my personal homepage and my English/Persian blogs, which nowadays I don't update them much regularly, but I intend to do so in near future... It used to have the domain 'soheil.id.ir' but for some reasons now it's on 'soheyl.id.ir'... and of course 'soheilshahba.ir'.
2 UbuntuForums www.ubuntuforums.irwww.ubuntuforum.irwww.ufir.ir My Forum for Persian Linux/Unix and Ubuntu users... Although I do know it's not much active these days, but nowadays because of social media websites and messaging services like Telegram, WhatsApp or Instagram or Twitter and such; a lot of old forums don't have the same active community as they did before! so, you know; thanks a lot, social media networks! for ruining forum websites!
3 ImgShare www.imgshare.ir A public uploading service for images and also a separate section for uploading most file formats not larger than 14MB.
4 EsmalAgha www.esmalagha.ir Another forum of mine! This one is for all men in general! you know; a place for men to hang around, talk, post cool stuff, menly stuff!... :D BUT! I didn't start it, an old "internet colleague" of mine (u could say!) started this website, but then he decided to sell the site, so me and my closest internet friend (also one of my best friends of all time) decided to buy and manage it, but after a while we both gave up on the poor forum! :( So for this reason, and just an FYI: I'm looking for anyone who is willing to manage the forum and get it active again, so contact me if you're interested...
5 FRINGE-Division www.fringe-division.ir This is actually my first ever website! :) and I guess technically, it's a blogfa blog which I set an .ir domain on... It's about one of my favorite TV Shows, "FRINGE", by J.J. Abrams (Also creator of the show "Lost"). I used to update it regularly back when the show was running, but now the show is over and I don't update it anymore, maybe later, maybe not! But I'll always try to keep all my websites running, if not active.
! Domains I own !void Here are all the domains I own, I'm just listing them here for show or for anyone who was interested in buying any of them... :
FYI: I used to have much more domains registered (especially Game of Thrones-related Domains! :D) but I gave them up, I guess because of financial problems...
! !void !void There are also a couple of more websites/forums that I used to be active in, but they're not mine, and this list is for my OWN websites! :D

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